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Association with PlanB

January 11, 2012

The past year I’ve worked together with the consulting firm PlanB, specializing in change and process management. As an associate, I now represent one of their senior consultants.

PlanB’s Strategy Loop and LeapFlow complement each other strongly. And there are many similarities and potential between our skills and consultant profiles.

This year, the collaboration with PlanB mainly involve my participation in a leadership development program in a global group.

Season’s Greetings

December 22, 2011

Another year is written in each person’s history book, to which I have selected the following professional highlights from my 2011.

  • Strategic workshops with managers and key personnel at a car distributer and authorized dealer of excluisve brands. What a passion!
  • Completion and handover of specification regarding CRM solution in businesses of biofuels and afforestation. New perspectives on lead times.
  • Development of unique preparation wall, used during leap mapping sessions. Speaking of “think different”.
  • Initial collaboration (in the media industry) with a consulting firm specializing in change management.
  • Project management of development and implementation of a CRM solution in the utility sector. My major assignment since June.

Thanks to those who hired me as a business consultant, as well to those who spread the LeapFlow message.

Business Relics

November 25, 2011

When I re-visit old employers, or meet former work colleagues, I have noticed that they sometimes talk about the same challenges as they did when I worked with them several years ago. Of course, these companies have achieved a lot of other things since then. But some things have a tendency to remain unchanged. If these changes are considered business-critical, I think the only cure is some kind of change in management. An alternative, which I of course represent, is that now and then invest in external support to make it happen.

Another reflection is about other “relics”, the good ones. For my own part, I can see them clearly from the years when I worked at the companies in question. They usually show up in business strategy, corporate values​​, marketing, customer list, organization and systems. Imagine how much time you have spent on developing and implementing business improvements in your previous career? Hard work, right? And many of those things still form an essential part of everyday working life of others.

It’s always important to do a good job. Result matters! Both as an employee of a company, and as a consultant at a client company. We are all part of a company’s success – in a short and long term perspective.

Up on your toes.

One Possibility is Rarely Alone

October 6, 2011

The partner strategy that I executed during Spring is paying off.

In recent months I have mainly been involved in a project concerning improvements of sales processes and implementation of related IT solution. This occupies a significant part of my time until January 2012. Another example is a short, but very interesting, assignment in the media industry that took place before the summer.

Discussions are ongoing with a consultant company regarding the possibility of combining their business model with the “90 days LeapFlow approach”. Some clear synergies would be to extend their offering with on site implementation services, as well as open new markets for each other. A number of specific business opportunities are currently on the table. Looking good!

I have also been involved in a discussion regarding the possibility of becoming a franchisee for a successful concept of leadership development. It is not relevant, today. But hopefully this meetings result in a collaboration on a more individual basis, senior business consultants in between.

Partnerships should not be discussed for a long time. And definitely, no time or money should be spent to prepare a written agreement before the first collaborative deal is signed.

This week I met a management team of a company that needs to boost their sales. Feels like I have been there and done it before.

New Workshop Experience

April 13, 2011

There have been many workshops over the years. Both as participant and facilitator.

All those flip charts and post-it notes, which are hung and pasted everywhere are potentially creative – but not very professional. Above all, it’s difficult to get a good overview.

High-image and innovative packaging are two important guiding principles in my business strategy. I therefore want to create a completely different experience even in the initial workshop.

Computers and projectors, but workshops are the case of hands-on. So, the past few weeks I have developed a specially designed “preparation wall”. In practice, it’s a basis for a LeapMap that is 3 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. The reusable surface can be used both to write and paste notes on. Besides the wall itself, I wanted to create something that’s totally independent of the conference room’s own designs, furniture arrangements, wall surfaces, equipment, etc. Of course, expandable and easy to transport.

The “preparation wall” will be used at leap mapping sessions, which takes place during a half-day. The wall can also be left in the client’s operations during the actual implementation, in order to visualize the process of improvement and act as a dashboard on the follow-up meetings.

I think this format will be something that few have experienced before, in a workshop context.

To be delivered next week. Can’t wait.

(A leap mapping session is a part of the initial LeapReady work, which is used to make a core full plan and create a strong commitment.)

Unit of Knowledge

March 28, 2011

When it comes to business conceptualization many companies have done so fantastically well, and many have come a long way. Other talk about it but find it hard to get things done, and some have not even thought about the possibility.

Concept and packaging aimed to make products and services more attractive, support increased sales, improve profitability, etc. It may also be about developing concepts and models that improve the company’s way of working  – both used internally and in customer interactions.

Personally, when I developed LeapFlow it was based on my professional experiences within the IT and management consulting industry. In addition, I also added the dimension of my core skills and personality into the format, to utilize full potential and secure high performance. An interesting journey, I would say.

I wanted to bring a business concept to my prospects and clients that give a clear picture on how we eventually could work together to achieve results. I also wanted to build a structural capital consisting of a strong method with related consulting services, to make it easier to scale up the business with more consultants in the future.

How would a business concept look like developed on your (or your company’s) best practice, skills and personality? Many opportunities arise surely if you think about it. Maybe it could be realized within your existing business, or a new.

Ongoing Assignments

February 17, 2011

The past months have been intense, especially with a large number of workshops at many different locations in southern Sweden.

Currently my main client assignments takes place in the forestry and automotive industries. From efficient processing of traditional raw material in a large organization, to passionate sales of the world’s foremost high-end brands in an entrepreneurial company. Great variation!

Last week marked a flying start with a 2-day workshop held in Ystad. Then it was time for a workshop in Möckelsnäs, north of Älmhult. A final workshop in Stockholm archipelago over the weekend made that a 7-day work week. So, it was with sustained high energy level that I, and a business consultant colleague, entered a workshop in Halmstad early this Monday morning. Wonderful pace!

The ongoing working period now ends up with a workshop during Friday and Saturday, with a sales team. This time I will show up in Skanör. Then it’s time to take a day off.

I like my job, and hope you like yours.


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