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It is time to pick up your valuable LeapMap and gather the team to give a brief presentation about the mission, introduce the crew and launch the LeapFlow. What an exciting day!

If you are in charge of the LeapFlow, representing the client’s business, you from now on have the honor of being the LeapPilot on-board. Throughout the whole mission I will support you, and the rest of the crew.

The original of LeapFlow is a route of 90 days. Neither more nor less. A “LeapFlow 90″ takes through: Quick Win, Key Tasks, Indicators and Results.

It is also possible to choose a shorter distance of 60, 30 or 10 days.

The type of route that best suits your business is designed during the LeapReady, based on your ambitions and operational environment. In which case your actual leap is well-prepared and will simultaneously be very agile. You will certainly find it both comfortable and exhausting.

Together with the crew you frequently check ongoing and upcoming tasks, correct deviations and visualize the updated LeapMap to the stakeholders.

You land the LeapFlow on time. Then it is time to follow-up, reflect and celebrate success.

A LeapFlow is followed by scheduled audits to ensure your achievement.


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